Friday, 3 June 2011

THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE - Audrey Niffenegger, 2004 and THE LOVELY BONES - Alice Sebold, 2002

Read both of these this week. Had a three hour round bus trip to Derby so was able to enjoy some quiet reading time which helped a lot. Incidentally, went to the Gallery to see the Joseph Wright paintings but they were nearly all out on loan.

I read the Time Traveler’s Wife first. Then when I read The Lovely Bones I was struck by the similarities between the two, so they actually made a good pair. Both deal with loss and grief but in an original and uplifting way. Both books are full of light, not darkness and show how loved ones have to accept what they cannot change. In fact both books actually focus on the inevitability of events and how wishing does not make a difference but learning to live does. That does not mean, however, that either novel is an easy read; the themes of both are as bleak and dark as any but they are told in a compelling and surprising way. I enjoyed them both.

(I am listing each according to the title I find on the cover, hence Traveler not Traveller)

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