Sunday, 3 July 2011

THE SNAPPER – Roddy Doyle, 1990 and THE DAUGHER OF TIME – Josephine Tey, 1951

I’ve got a really bad cold. It means I don’t feel like doing much except sitting in the sunshine and reading. I read two books this weekend.
Looking out for books I need for this challenge, I’ve been scouring the shelves of the charity shops. (There is no way I’m paying full-price for The Hobbit.) In doing so I have come across other books I have been meaning to read and, in the case of The Daughter of Time, one I have only an old tattered copy of. Buying the new one inspired me to read it again straight away.

The Snapper is the second volume of Doyle’s Barrytown Trilogy. Having read the other two I felt I should ‘fill in the gap’. It is, I think, the weakest of the three with The Commitments being far and away its superior. There was, however, such irreverent humour within its pages that I enjoyed it immensely.

The Daughter of Time is an accomplished and exciting mystery story, made all the more remarkable because the detective is confined to a hospital bed and the crime relates to Richard III (or rather, it is proved to be not his crime at all).

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