Saturday, 23 July 2011

THE WHITE QUEEN – Philippa Gregory, 2009

I bought The Red Queen by the same author the other day. I thought, therefore, that I would re-read this one before I embarked on the next volume in the predicted sequence she intends to write about The Cousin’s War (The Wars of the Roses).
Re-reading it reminded me of why I liked it but also of why I did not love it.
Basically, it tells a well-known tale from a woman’s point of view. It is entertaining, even riveting at times.
But it tries too hard to be clever. For example, this is from the part of the book where Richard III visits Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen of the title, in order to plead his innocence in the death of her sons, the ‘Princes in the Tower’:
‘…Everyone will think that I have killed two boys in my care, in cold blood, for no good reason. They will call me a monster… Whatever else I do in my life, this will cast a crooked shadow…’
However, I will soon, no doubt, be reporting on The Red Queen.

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