Thursday, 18 August 2011


Not a bad book in any respect. I enjoyed reading it but it was a light read. It is brim-full of interesting anecdotes – I learnt some things about my own country by reading it. But the language veers from overstatement to understatement; a form of comic or satirical writing which I have seen done much better, particularly by my own brother.
My Gran used to buy cheap videos from Debenhams when it was winding up its media department. She would judge them by the money she had saved. Hence if she had paid £2.99 and enjoyed it, it was worth the money. A film she enjoyed equally but paid a fiver for was not deemed as worthy.
I spent £1 on Notes from a Small Island which I saw in a Plymouth charity shop. It was worth the price I paid. Now, had I bought it new for the £8.99 which is printed on the cover, it would be a different story…

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