Friday, 12 July 2013

JOURNEY’S END – R.C. Sherriff, 1928

If anyone reading this is a fan of Blackadder Goes Forth, please pick up this playscript (or try to see it performed) as it is infinitely superior.
The characters are beautifully painted, so that the end, which we know must come, leaves such a feeling of loss.
Stanhope and Raleigh, friends from school, now share a dugout. The way that Raleigh, who has always hero-worshipped Stanhope, instantly understands and protects his reputation is heart-wrenching.
But there is also comedy, particularly over the food. It is hard to believe that Cutis and Elton were unfamiliar with this, yet I have never read that they were. I see, though, that some English courses do now ask students to compare the two.
Naively, perhaps, I read this on the train yesterday and it was all I could do to stop myself crying in public.

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