Saturday, 26 April 2014

WILD BOY – Andy Taylor, 2008

This was written before the publication of bandmate John Taylor’s autobiography (In the Pleasure Groove) which I read a year ago. Perhaps Andy ran out of cash before John?
They complement each other well if only to emphasise just how little we knew about the private lives of our idols. Oh – all those years when I thought they were keeping themselves just for me!
Instead, however, their lives seemed to be spent drinking champagne, falling out with each other and in the case of John and Andy, snorting cocaine.
Andy Taylor is very magnanimous at recounting the pressure which JT was under; marketed/ targeted as The Pretty One. He reveals the real extent of John’s drug problems but recounts them in a sympathetic way.
We had no idea at the time that drugs played such an important part in the lives of our imaginary future husbands.

With John and Andy spilling these beans – see also JT’s reminiscences – I await further revelations by Nick, Simon and Roger but wonder if they will also fall from their perches. 

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