Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ANIMAL FARM – George Orwell, 1945

I was going to start this review with the words politics aside, but in this tale it is impossible to put politics aside.
This is, as we all know, an allegory, and a very effective one at that.  Orwell is a master of prose. He uses fewer than 120 pages to say all he needs to and the message is very clear.
Recent events in the Ukraine show that most of us are still struggling to understand what Orwell saw so clearly.

From the overthrow of Jones to the death of Boxer we are hooked. Endless paragraphs have been written about whether Snowball is Trotsky or Napoleon is Stalin. What matters, though, is how the revolution is planned, executed and derailed and what is exceptional is the way we experience it via the responses of the animals. The sheep believe all they are told while Boxer’s strength and trust are sacrificed for the good of a chosen few. 

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