Monday, 11 August 2014

THE COMMITMENTS – Roddy Doyle, 1987

This is one of those rare occasions where I enjoyed the film more than the book. But that is not to say that that it isn’t a great book.
The speed of delivery is amazing. The short, truncated lines capture perfectly the musical rhythms the band hopes to perform.
Some aspects of the book didn’t make it into the film, yet they seem to me to be among the best, such as the altercation between the boys and he caretaker before their first gig at the community centre.
The ending of the book seems a little trite. If soul means so much to them, turning to commercial country music would be improbable.
The film is from the viewpoint of Jimmy Rabbitte; his hopes and aspirations. As such it makes more sense. But I loved the novel all the same.

The Commitments is the first volume of the Barrytown Trilogy, followed by The Van and The Snapper.

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