Monday, 22 September 2014

SANE NEW WORLD – Ruby Wax, 2013

Ruby Wax is a loud-mouthed opinionated brave new woman and this is made clear on every page of this book. We are told time and time again how much we should celebrate this survivor who wants to share her insight with us. But – I have to be honest – I found myself not really worrying that much.
Pages and pages are concerned with the workings of the brain. I know I’m not a confident driver but I’m unlikely to be a happier one if I know how everything functions beneath the bonnet of my car.
Clearly the scientific approach helped Wax to contextualise her own difficulties and it may well help some others but I don’t feel that it is helpful to dismiss cognitive behavioural therapy which has had such an impact due to its common sense approach to depression.
This book falls somewhat short of a self-help manual and yet is not interesting enough to be a memoir.

I don’t, personally, feel that this is the place to find the answers. Although I applaud Wax for her efforts, I didn’t find it worth of the acclaim she affords it.

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