Monday, 22 September 2014

THE ENCHANTED PLACES – Christopher Milne, 1974

Christopher Milne wrote this book as an apology to all the fans of the Winnie the Pooh stories he had ignored over the years.
Turning his back on the stories and verses which had threatened to overpower him as a young man, he married and moved away, full of resentment for the father who had bequeathed him what he saw as a poisoned legacy. But by 1974 he had made his peace with his past and felt hat it was time to embrace it.

He takes us back to the sites in London and Sussex which become immortalised through the words of his father and the drawings of EH Shepherd. We see again the Pooh Sticks Bridge and the One Hundred Acre Wood and in doing so he seems to lay old ghosts to rest and come to a greater understanding of his literary parent. 

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