Monday, 11 January 2016

JAWS – Peter Benchley, 1974

I must admit that I came to this late. My dad and brother love the film adaptation so I grew up with it but had never read the book. Perhaps because of that, I was hoping for the same pace and excitement in the novel. I was very surprised, therefore, to find that it was so much ‘tamer’ than the film. Brodie is much less of a hero and Hooper is much less of a star. Quint is still mercenary but does not have the depth of character the film allows him. This is somewhat strange; usually I am bemoaning how much characterisation is belittled in a film adaptation.

As an aside, if you do buy the 2012 paperback edition, the blurb on the back relates to the film and not the novel – a fact I was pleased to notice (as payment for all the enforced viewings throughout my youth).

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