Sunday, 8 May 2016

THE TENNIS LOVERS BOOK OF WISDOM – compiled and edited by Criswell Freeman, 1997

Tennis is not a game which can be played (at least at a professional level) without a knowing a few life lessons. If you take your troubles onto the court with you, you will be unlikely to win the game.
I had high hopes for this book, imagining it to be full of lovely quotes about how to keep your head when all around…
There is, it is true, some of that but it is mainly just a random collection of utterances by tennis players – some well-known, some not – and many lack interest. Vic Braden talking about backswing isn’t really universal wisdom and you don’t have to be a tennis player to be a tennis lover.
Yet, there are a few gems: Never equate losing with failure – Arthur Ashe

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