Monday, 13 June 2016

ADDRESS UNKNOWN – Kathleen Kressmann Taylor, 1938

I have reviewed this before but I have recently taken on a new history tutoring job, one aspect of which is the rise of Nazi Germany so I was inspired to re-read it.
This is truly one of the cleverest short stories ever and I am so surprised that it is not of greater renown.
I was reading it and laughing out loud. D thought it was a comic novel but I was laughing because it was the best way I had to e
xpress my emotions. If that sounds odd, read it for yourself and see how you react.
This is a wonderful little book. It shows the way that people can change when you don’t expect them to, how you can lose friends because they get sucked into what they consider to be bigger ideals than friendship, how lives can be lost and lives an hang in the balance all because of  an evil ideology.
It is not a story of hope or success because the outlook, as we know with hindsight, was so incredibly bleak but this is a little glimmer of humanity, a little reason to see how justice may be served in the harshest terms.

Justice. That is what it all comes down to. That is why it is so good. 

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